How to go from Tbilisi airport to city center

Tbilisi Airport, Georgia

The distance from Tbilisi Airport to the center of Tbilisi is 17 kilometers. Taxi and private transfers are most convenient and fastest way to reach the city center, though public transport is also available and punctual. So here is how you can get from Tbilisi airport to the city center;


You can get a taxi upon your arrival at the airport. Taxi from airport will cost from 25 GEL depending on the destination. Always agree the price with the driver before starting your journey

Tbilisi airport taxi

Bus from airport to Tbilisi city center

Bus number 37, which operated the regular airport line, will take you from Tbilisi Airport to the city center. You can find the bus stop on the right side of the exit from departure hall. If bus is not available there is a small digital display with the time table and time for next bus arrival. Airport line operate every day of the week and a bus departs every 15 to 30 minutes to and from the main railway station in Tbilisi via Freedom square. Night service operate from 00:00 am to 7:00 am with less frequency and buses making trip after every 35 minutes. One way fare is 0.50 GEL. The most central bus stop is located near the Freedom Square, this place can be reached in about 45 minutes. If your hotel is located in old Tbilisi you can leave the bus at Freedom square. The last stop is station square. From station square you can take metro or taxi depending on your destination.

Till now Metromoney card is not available at the airport so when you are going for money exchange ask them to give you some small denomination coins like 0.5, 1 GEL if you want to use the bus service. You can buy ticket onboard from the ticket machine located at the middle bus doors. The ticket machine doesn’t give change so the fare should be paid exactly. Keep the ticket till you reach your destination.

Tbilisi airport bus


The Airport railway station is located only two minutes walk from the main terminal. The journey form airport to city center takes about 40 minutes. One way fare is 0,50 GEL. Train may be convenient and cheap but the frequency is very poor. Its only twice a day from airport and vice versa. From airport it departs at 7:55 AM and 4:55 PM.

Tbilisi airport train

Private transfer / Hotel shuttle

You can ask your hotel/guest house to arrange a shuttle for you. Most of the hotels are providing this services and the shuttle should cost between 30 and 40 GEL approximately. If you have booked any tour, the tour operators also provide airport transfer with additional cost, generally 20 USD for pick up and drop off to airport.

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