Georgia visa for UAE residents

Georgia is offering free visa on arrival to all the residents of UAE. The same facility is available to the residents of all GCC countries. They offer short-term tourist visa valid for up to 90 days upon arrival. During your intended stay resident visa should be valid and passport validity of 6 months is required.

Georgia has the most liberal visa system in the world still there are many horror stories coming in the internet and newspaper about people denied entry even after they are entitled for Visa on arrival or having a valid e-visa. So my advice would be to stick to the best practices and follow whatever instruction available on their site and if not available at least follow the basics like having a return ticket, confirm hotel booking, cash to cover your duration of stay or bank statement for past 3 months (sometime immigration officials insist on cash not on card) a travel insurance and Health Insurance. In our case they did not ask for any documents. Immigration officer stamped our passports and returned with a smile.

Georgia visa from India

If your friends or family members want to join you for the trip to Georgia, they can apply a e-visa for Georgia. The official Georgia visa requirement for India state that Indian passport holders are eligible for the Georgian e-visa. You have to apply your e visa from the following site

All you need to do is to complete the online application form, upload your passport copy, photo and pay with your credit/debit card. The e-mail address shall be confirmed within 1 hour after it is sent, otherwise the visa application will be cancelled. You have to wait at least 5 working date and you will receive your visa by email. Travel document submitted to obtain an e-visa shall meet the following requirements;

  • The validity period of the travel document shall exceed the validity period of the visa by at least three months
  • It shall contain at least two empty pages to place a visa blank in, except when a travel document is submitted through the e-VISA PORTAL
  • It shall not be damaged and shall not contain unofficial records. If a travel document is submitted through the e-VISA PORTAL, the page of the travel document containing personal data shall be inspected
  • It shall be issued within the past 10 years.

If you want a sticker visa from the Embassy of Georgia in New Delhi instead of e-visa then you have to visit a VFS global center. Before visiting VFS Global Center you have to register and fill online visa application and upload scanned documents as per checklist of selected visa category on the following link:

Schedule an appointment with VFS Global Center for visa fee payment and submit your passport. After getting the visa collect passport from visa application center or it will be delivered to you by courier as per option selected by you.

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